11 BUT NOT WITH YOU  2:55  (Oak Park, MI ‘78)


Much of what I want to say

has been said before tonight

I’m sure in many ways


Most of what I feel inside

I’m no stranger to and

I can’t hide it away

though I’ve tried


There’ve been times in my life I failed

but still all in all my successes prevailed

and so I learned and grew

from loves I made or lost or saved


Now it’s yours I hope to share

as lovers dream of someone to

lean on you’re there


Mine is yours as yours is mine

through winter cold

summer rain or shine

till the end of all time


And in love how I played the fool

I won all the games though I broke all the rules

but now I feel I’ll work

it out someway because I love you


Much of what I want to say

is that it’s all been said

all been done

But Not With You with you